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1 Axolotl, 3 Sams, & the 25th Anniversary of PSCS!

Welcome to the 25th anniversary of Puget Sound Community School! A quarter-century ago, the idea of PSCS began to percolate in the hearts and minds of Andy Smallman, Melinda Shaw, and a small group of families for whom “school” did not mean “accepting or enduring the status quo.” It was agreed upon that a loving…

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Too School for Cool

The PSCS September 2016 eNewsletter Featuring PSCS updates and articles, including What I did on My Summer Vacay: Staff Edition, A Note from Andy, and the #powerofparticipation [EXCERPT] “Welcome to the newly expanded PSCS! Yes, I say expanded as we have recently increased our square footage by quite a bit. It seems as though our…

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2016 Open House

The PSCS Fall Open House for prospective families is Sunday, October 30, 2016 from 12:30-2:30pm. If you are considering PSCS for the 2017-18 school year, please join us for this event. We accept applications from students entering the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades as well as the occasional 5th and 10th grader. PSCS requires…

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2016 Spring Newsletter!

“What’s my job like? Sometimes it’s staying late to put 80-odd pieces of paper into a schedule, with each piece of paper carrying the preferences and interests and hopes of anywhere between two and thirty students. (Not to mention preferences of teachers, volunteers, visiting families, etc!) Thank heavens for the amazing people I work with.…

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Pop Rocks & Soda Pop

by sieglinde levery-nicholas, pscs director of advancement This past fall, I was asked to sit on a panel at The Little School in Bellevue. The panel was called Transitions to Middle School and was open to the families of current 5th graders (and probably a few parents who were looking towards a more distant future). This…

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The word is out!

FOXed Up, Student DJ, Popsicle Stick Bridges and Other Fun at PSCS… Excerpt from the latest Newsletter: “…This episode is important for two reasons. First: The other school is not actually the weird school. Just like families, whether you are also an FBI dad and a forensic genius mom, two secret agent dads, two sets…

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52 Weeks of Kindness!

Every Sunday in 2015, Andy is emailing a kindness theme for interested people to consider. The themes are intended to build on each other, thus helping folks deepen their understanding of kindness. This program, called 52 Weeks of Kindness is also a part of the Intelligent Optimist magazine’s Transformative Studies Program (more here). This week’s…

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Meet Tanya Lasswell, PSCS’ Newest Teacher


One of Tanya Lasswell’s earliest memories as a small child is poking through her mother’s herbarium, a mothball-filled box filled with preserved plant species. Her mother collected and pressed plants, then labeled them with their Latin name as part of her master’s degree program in pharmacology. Tanya picked up one specimen and read it: Digitalis…

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