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Board of Trustees

PSCS is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees.

Officers of the board are elected from among the trustees at the annual board meeting in the spring of each year. Board meetings, unless otherwise designated by the board president, are open to the general public but, due to space restrictions, we do request that you contact the school in advance if you are planning to attend.

Copies of the school bylaws, board meeting minutes, and the annual budget are public records and are available for your perusal. Contact the office if you are interested in seeing any of these documents.

Eve Keller  Read Bio>
President, Board of Trustees

Daisy Gilman  Read Bio>
Board of Trustees

Kellen Frodelius-Fujimoto  Read Bio>
Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Amy Hollinger  Read Bio>
Board of Trustees

Sue Spang  Read Bio>
Vice President, Board of Trustees

Arthur Castleton  Read Bio>
Board of Trustees

Angie McCormick  Read Bio>
Board of Trustees

Greg DiGiacamo  Read Bio>
Board of Trustees

Carrie Kenner  Read Bio>
Board of Trustees