Our Philosophy

At PSCS, our first focus is on creating a safe, compassionate environment for students, staff, & our families.



Puget Sound Community School is committed to co-creating a brave space for community-centered education, critical curriculum, student choice, accountability, and thoughtful collaboration.

Core Commitments

Practice Integrity. Engage the Community. Act with Courage.

educational philosophy

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Founded in 1994, Puget Sound Community School (PSCS) is a small, independent middle and high school located in the Chinatown-International District of downtown Seattle.

We believe that ALL people are intrinsically compelled by our innate curiosity, and most of us thrive when provided choice, positive support, and community expectations. We believe that ALL people want to be active participants in our own education and to be offered a globally responsive curriculum, taught by engaged, empowered, multi-skilled teachers. As far as this is true for adults, we see how these shared instincts also cultivate conscientious and motivated young people.

In an effort to build upon the equitable vision of the school, PSCS parents, staff, and the Board of Trustees agreed in 2021 to invest in non-hierarchical administration and leadership, rather than in a traditional Head of School. PSCS is run by an administrative staff with a collective experience of 40 years+, that functions collaboratively with a part- and full-time teaching staff, who together hold more than 60 years of collective experience in education, JEDI, and student support.

Students who fully embrace the program offered at PSCS show consistent progress in self-expression, leadership, and skill-building in almost any endeavor, and start to recognize they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Join us. Get to know yourself. LOVE SCHOOL.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Puget Sound Community School invites the participation of all people, welcoming students, teachers, families, and volunteers of any racial, national, religious, or ethnic origin, from all backgrounds, belief systems, orientations, and expressions.

Private School Approval

PSCS is an Approved Private School under the provisions of Chapter 180-90, Washington Administrative Code, as authorized by RCW 28A.02.240. PSCS is also a subscriber school of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), and a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS).

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