Founded in 1994, PSCS is a Washington State–approved private school and a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


660 S. Dearborn Street, in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District.

School Hours

9am to 3:40pm.

Head of School

Amy Hollinger

Student/Teaching Staff Ratio



Our students are between the ages of 11 and 18 (grades 6–12 in more traditional schools). Most of our new students are enrolled in 6th-8th grades, although we will consider students entering 9th and 10th grades.

Enrollment 2020-21

45 students from Seattle and the greater metropolitan area.


Subscriber School, North West Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS)

Member, National Association of Independent Schools

Member, Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS)


PSCS has 5 Teaching Staff members who offer a range of courses during the school year and 5 administrators, including our Head of School.


Typically 30–40.

Tuition Aid

PSCS is committed to allocating a significant amount of tuition aid to assist families with financial need. The school uses an impartial outside entity to evaluate and determine objective financial need. It is also our intention that enrolled students are able to fully participate in all activities for which they qualify, and that the cost of these activities is not a barrier to participating. We do not wish to nickel and dime families after they've been enrolled. In support of this, PSCS has a program aid fund available for families who need help with such expenses. PSCS


Students are not given letter grades at PSCS and are not required to take any standardized, performance-based, assessment tests either to be admitted to PSCS or during their time here.

Graduation Credentials

PSCS is a state-approved private school and offers graduates an official Washington state high school diploma (see PSCS Graduation Requirements).

Extracurricular Activities

There is no distinction at PSCS between “curricular” and “extra-curricular” activities. Art, music, math, grammar, conversation, play—all of these are part of our curriculum. But there are some activities that by nature are difficult to house in a small school setting. When students demonstrate an interest in pursuing these kinds of activities we help them find ways to get involved by joining a sports league, a student theater production, internships, apprenticeships, etc. These fall under the category of Independent Study and must be balanced with Community Hours.

Featured Profile

Hannah Blacksin

If Hannah Blacksin were a lichen, her compositional makeup of algae and fungus would be represented by English and Science. She revels in the puzzling joy of the written word and the interconnectivity of the natural world. Born and raised in the forested hills of Western Massachusetts, she grew up reading books in a treehouse and studying her family’s compost bin. She received her BA in English from Lewis and Clark and planned to become a writer or editor or publisher. After graduating, she moved back to the East Coast to work as an outdoor educator, on a friend’s cosmic recommendation. One fateful evening, Hannah applied to both a Masters program in Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education at the University of Edinburgh, and a job leading experiential education programs in Southeast Asia. Soon, She found herself commuting every few months between Scotland and the hub of Bangkok. Living itinerantly since college, she finally decided to live in one place, for one year. She found herself in Seattle, working in a fourth-grade classroom at Open Window School. Two years later, she is excited to begin teaching at PSCS! She is gleeful to join a community that empowers her lichen-self: made up of multiple passions, growth-oriented, and interconnected with the broader community. Hannah currently lives in Wallingford with three delightful housemates who all enjoy backpacking and cooking meals laden with as many vegetables as possible. When not teaching, you can catch her speeding by on her bicycle, memorizing a poem, jamming to funky beats, and becoming too competitive while completing a crossword — all at the same time. M.Sc., Outdoor Environmental & Sustainability Education, University of Edinburgh; B.A. English, Lewis and Clark College. Read More >