52 Weeks of Kindness!

Every Sunday in 2015, Andy is emailing a kindness theme for interested people to consider. The themes are intended to build on each other, thus helping folks deepen their understanding of kindness. This program, called 52 Weeks of Kindness is also a part of the Intelligent Optimist magazine’s Transformative Studies Program (more here).

This week’s theme, the third in the series, is to do something kind for someone you love. Andy writes, “I know that it is sometimes hard to complete an additional kind act (remember, one “requirement” of these themes is that you do something you would not otherwise have done) for those we love and for several reasons. We may already be doing kind things for those closest to us so finding an additional thing is a challenge, we may take for granted some of the kind things we do, we may actually not want to do anything additional (we might love them but perhaps don’t like them much in a given moment, day, or week), and we may think an additional act needs to be something big.“If you are interested in getting an email with the kindness theme for the upcoming week, Andy sends them out every Sunday. You can can sign up to receive yours here.

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