1 Axolotl, 3 Sams, & the 25th Anniversary of PSCS!

Welcome to the 25th anniversary of Puget Sound Community School!

A quarter-century ago, the idea of PSCS began to percolate in the hearts and minds of Andy Smallman, Melinda Shaw, and a small group of families for whom “school” did not mean “accepting or enduring the status quo.” It was agreed upon that a loving and nurturing school environment with no mandatory academic classes or standardized tests, would lead to happy, healthy young adults.

This anniversary we celebrate 25 years of just that: compassion and kindness in progressive education. Not only are these always at the forefront of our curriculum, they are una primitate for the entire community—and, though our founders have moved on to pursue other adventures, we here at PSCS pledge to continue prioritizing them for the next 25 years.

Stop by and see us soon. Come meet Amy and our newest staff and students. Catch up with old friends. We’re planning some great community events (next up, Pride Lunch at PSCS on Friday, October 19) and welcome any other ideas you might have (alum gatherings?). If you haven’t already, please ensure we have your up-to-date contact info so we can keep you apprised of upcoming happenings.

While there have been big change recently, we plan to move into the next 25 years of PSCS mindful of the ideals established by our founders. The staff and Board are focused on evolving with the integrity, community, and courage that we ask our students to dedicate themselves to.

And in all we do, Kindness First.