1/16/19: Winter Open House

Join us for the PSCS fall Open House for prospective families—
and discover progressive education at it’s most supportive.


Wednesday, January 16, 6-8pm
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This evening Q & A event is being held for those families seeking enrollment in middle or high school in the 2019-20 school year.



“PSCS was founded upon the belief that people are intrinsically compelled by their own curiosities and desire to learn, and when provided a positive and supportive environment, they will enthusiastically pursue meaningful and challenging goals. We surround students with talented people of high character who get to know each individual as a whole person, help them to consider their long- and short-term objectives, discover they’re interests and passions, and then work with them to DO something with that passion. Our hope is that students do not have to consider middle and high school as means to an end, but rather to enjoy childhood and to have families focused on relationships, rather than ‘the homework war.'”


We believe that functioning in a truly diverse community is a vital 21st-century skill.

At PSCS, we define diversity to include race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, different physical and cognitive abilities, and religion. We recognize that there may be other areas in need of attention that we have not identified here, or that will emerge with time. PSCS has an open admissions policy that reflects our aim to respect individual differences and learn from diversity.

We admit students of any racial, national, religious, or ethnic origin, from all backgrounds, belief systems, family dynamics, and orientations. In short, we recognize and invite the participation of all people, not discriminating on any basis in the administration of our programs.