Tesha Karpoff

After high school, Tesha Karpoff (PSCS Class of ’05), graduated with a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. Anyone who attended the commencement ceremony knew this, because her name was splashed all over the commencement program. Tesha graduated magna cum laude, and the program listed five different awards and scholarships she had earned.

When a PSCS staff member contacted her to learn more about her accomplishments, she responded in her own unique way. She sent her thoughts through the mail, on a scroll of handmade paper, with painstakingly crafted handwritten script.

“Every year, for returning students, the departments have a certain amount of funds to give away in the form of merit-based scholarships,” she wrote. “I received a few of those.”

“But the recognition I’m most proud of was the invitation to an artist residency in Montana, to focus on making work in whatever form it might take.”

She degree comes with a concentration in sculpture, photography, and printmaking. Her goal is to continue pursuing a passion for biology, scientific inquiry, and people and our relationship to land.

“If we’re talking dreams, I look forward to more residencies, conversations with biologists, ranchers and farmers.”

Tesha remembers fondly her time at PSCS.

“Any experience that comes to mind is laced with feelings of liberty, excitement, and exploration held in balance by the fact of responsibility—for one’s self, for one’s impact on the environs. This is something I cherish, that continues to guide me, and has played a large part in how and where I am right now.

“And, where else can you carve a carousel horse head for your senior project?”