Alex Cho Snyder

Alex Cho Snyder is a PSCS friend and past volunteer.

“He definitely knows what he’s talking about,” says Arthur Hill, a student in Alex’s computer game programming class. “When he gets into something he’s passionate about, you can really tell.”

In this way, Alex fits right in at PSCS. The goal of the school’s volunteer program is to connect students with talented people of high character who are excited by what they do.

Alex has facilitated classes on computer game programming, Native American art, and personal development. In addition, he has regularly stepped up as a lead donor in PSCS fundraising campaigns.

“Ever since eighth grade, I’ve made it my life goal to transform our broken education system,” Alex says. “Not an easy task. But now that I’ve found PSCS, I know where to focus my efforts. It’s exactly the kind of school I so desperately wanted to go to since that epiphany in eight grade.”