Kristine Forbes

For Kristine Forbes, it came down to a simple choice: do you trust the institution, or do you trust your child?

“At most schools, parents enroll their kids and place their trust in the institution to ensure their kids somehow make it to graduation having put their nose to the grindstone and met all of the various requirements, like it or not,” Kristine says. “PSCS entrusts the students to figure out what their goals are, and sign up for classes and activities that will help them meet their own goals.”

Kristine, who received an MBA from Harvard, joined the PSCS community in 2010 when she was looking for the right school for her son Jamie ’15.

“Enrolling their kids at PSCS requires the parents to trust their children to make good choices, rather than trust that the institution to give their child a ‘standard’ education,” she says. “I know my kids are not standard. I know that unless kids are engaged in what they are learning, just warming a seat in a classroom doesn’t mean that any real learning is taking place.”

“I believe that PSCS is the absolute best place to get kids excited about learning, to help them figure out what they are truly passionate about, and how to bring that passion into everything they do,” she says. “Plus, the kids who graduate from PSCS are miles ahead of their ‘standardized’ peers when it comes to navigating schedule choices, should they go on to college.”

“And the best part is, kids come out of PSCS knowing what it means to be a part of a community. That bodes well for their futures, whatever road they decide to take.”