PSCS students balance state budget

Three PSCS students have done something that has so far eluded legislators in Olympia: balance the state budget for the 2011-13 biennium!

Students in Nic’s weekly State and Local Public Policy seminar used the League of Education Voters budget app to learn more about legislative options for closing the $4.6 billion budget gap. How did they do it? Each had his own approach.

Tristan’s solution? “Tax everything that I don’t pay for!”

Aaron’s idea? $2.6 billion in new taxes and severe cuts to K-12 and higher ed.

Tynor’s approach? Spread the cuts around more evenly.

Nic points out that all of the proposals to add revenue are subject to I-1053’s requirements for either a 2/3 vote of the legislature or a majority vote of the people — not easy to come by.  Maybe our students won’t get elected to office right after graduation, but they’re at least tackling some of the challenges.