Welcome to the new PSCS web site!

It’s been several years since PSCS refreshed the look of its online presence, and the school has grown so much in that time.

The new site is designed to showcase PSCS as a leading edge, progressive school for families who embrace the rapid change going on in the world today. The old assembly line, factory-style education no longer fits in the 21st century; it’s time for us to build something new and beautiful. Innovators and early adopters who understand the value of personalized learning and are familiar with the scientific data on human motivation, can view this site and say: Yes, I’ve found my school.

The site is designed to communicate with philanthropists who want to effect change in the world, and recognize that the most powerful way to change lives is through education.

The site is designed to help our current families and volunteers get the most out of their PSCS experience. We’ve created a navigation hierarchy that will, hopefully, help you find the latest news and information about upcoming events in a way that’s user friendly.

Finally, the site is designed to introduce visitors to the extraordinary members of the PSCS family. We’ve included short profiles on staff and board members, volunteers, donors and students. When you define your community as we do—people of high character who are passionate about life—you tend to attract wonderfully interesting people.

This is an exciting time to be involved with PSCS. With the school’s founders, Andy Smallman and Melinda Shaw, returning from sabbatical in a few months, we’re preparing to launch the next phase of the school’s evolution. No one is exactly sure what the future will bring, but my guess is that it’s going to be awesome.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this new site a reality, especially our designer, Natasha Dworkin, and developer, Nic Warmenhoven. In addition, our two photographers, Tim Willis and Matt Hagen, deserve special recognition. And finally, thanks to PSCS parent Dana Wenig for her assistance with the text. It’s been a true team effort, thank you everyone!

— Steve Miranda, Administrator