Century Club Fundraiser Update #3

Thank you, PSCS family! In less than three weeks, we raised almost $6,000!

Our goal was 100 individuals each donating $100, and we got almost halfway there. Thanks to a generous matching challenge from Suzanne and William Wittmann, we were able to inspire 11 new $100 donors!

But I’m not ready to close the campaign just yet.

Last week, we received an extraordinary offer from Board President Dana Bettinger: if we reached our goal of 100 individuals each donating $100, she would present a gift of $1,000 to PSCS.

Well, this week I got a visit from former Board President Michael Coffey, who said he’ll match Dana’s challenge! That means, if we can get 51 more individuals to join the campaign, PSCS would receive an extra $2,000. We can do this!

In addition, I’m working on setting up an awesome party to celebrate this campaign, being back at school, and just the general joy of being a part of this awesome community. I can’t reveal any information yet, but I’m hoping it will inspire another wave of donations.

To help us reach out goal, please consider donating online or pledging a gift to pscs@pscs.org. Or mail your gift to: PSCS | 660 S. Dearborn St. | Seattle, WA | 98134

Finally, I want to offer a heartfelt thanks to Matt Harding, who kicked off this campaign by allowing us to borrow his story. Matt is one of the few people I’ve met who is so cool that he actually makes me nervous in his presence! His commitment to living an inspired life serves as a regular reminder to never settle, and to always do what you love.

And the work I love more than anything is growing PSCS into the model school for the 21st century. We’re going to do this. We’re going to do this together.

Thank you Century Club members!

1. Tiffany Thiele

2. Amy Thomson

3. Steve Griggs and Doris Kogan

4. Kathe Rutsala

5. Duncan Moore

6. Anoo Padte

7. Lyn Lambert

8. Mary Ellen Dohrs

9. Brett Keogh

10. Victoria Clearwater

11. Trey Gunn

12. Michael Chui

13. Larry Morris

14. Chris Ward

15. Eric Menninga

16. Trina Willard

17. Dave Thrasher

18. Mary Felstiner

19. Ernest Bracco and Denise Trainer

20. Larry Dohrs

21. Wiworn Kesavatana

22. Joe Turk

23. anonymous

24. Rob and Joann O’Toole

25. Pat Sommer

26. Malcolm Hooper

27. Bev Laird

28. anonymous

29. anonymous

30. Susan Morris

31. Emmett and Bonnie Byrnes

32. James Clearwater

33. Marcos and Jenny Kogan

34. Carol Gaskin

35. anonymous

36. Dora Rotskoff

37. Michael Coffey

38. anonymous

39. David Marques and Janet Frohnmayer

40. anonymous

41. Mike Rotskoff

42. Joe and Brenda Miranda

43. Brett Henry

44. Deb and Peter Kahn

45. Kathleen Green

46. Chris Lassen

47. Stacia Snapp

48. Suzanne and William Wittmann

49. Dana Bettinger