Disappearing Art and More

Intensives are a facilitated, in-depth investigation into a theme or a topic that takes place all day long for about five straight days. Last week, PSCS teaching staff offered a myriad of wonderful day long adventures that deviated form the regular class schedule for the term

Scobie and Nic’s Intensive, Disappearing Art, took students off campus almost every day, rain or shine to create art in parks, on beaches, and off the beaten path. They used natural materials and then left their art there to disappear on its own, or even designed it to disappear. So much about art is about making and keeping. What about making and letting go? Or even making and destroying? Or making by carefully doing nothing in just the right place at just the right time? To see more photos of their adventures, click HERE.

Liana’s Intensive, La Blogotheque, had a group of students learn a song each day, then go out and play it in some unexpected locale. Another student documented each performance, and the end result is SIX rad music videos! HERE’s a link to the blog and videos.