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  • May 14, 2014

    Disappearing Art and More

    Intensives are a facilitated, in-depth investigation into a theme or a topic that takes place all day long for about five straight days. Last week, PSCS teaching staff offered a myriad of wonderful day long adventures that deviated form the … [more]

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  • Intensives Week

    Nov 12, 2010

    Intensives Week is…Well, Intense!

    Intensives week, when the class schedule is put on hold while the students sign up for one course that lasts all week, always reminds me why PSCS is the greatest school in the world. * * * Nic led an … [more]

    Categories: Archive  Tagged: Intensives, Intensives Week, Liana Green, Nic Warmenhoven, Scobie Puchtler