Bonjour from France!

PSCS founders Andy Smallman and Melinda Shaw are enjoying a year-long sabbatical in France with their two daughters, Chloe and Ella. Andy is posting tales of their adventures daily to a blog. Here’s a recent post, to give you an idea of what the first family of PSCS is up to.

One of the great images of France is romance. And there really does seem to be something to it, although I’d say it often comes across in subtle ways. Just look at this fire hydrant, for instance. I mean if it’s possible to make something as utilitarian as a fire hydrant sexy, you’d expect the French to figure it out, don’t you think? Look at it, really. It has curvy hips, for crying out loud. And this one is not just an isolated example. I found it while on a casual walk around our apartment complex in Pornichet, but I’ve seen others just like it elsewhere.

On the subject of French romance, it is fun to see couples refer to their partners as “ma chérie” or “mon chéri” (my darling), something Melinda and I have both found endearing, especially among elderly couples. Melinda is trying to make the expression part of our marital practice. It always seems to accompany a twinkle in the eye, one that implies a friendly kiss is not too far away.

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