Sieglinde Levery-Nicholas, has got a thing for polka dots. Polka dot shoes, shirts, sweaters, shorts, and her ultimate favorite comic book character, Lil’ Dot.

Thankfully she’s also got a “thing” for Shakespeare, graphic design, and fundraising.“It’s funny to me that I work in Admissions, Marketing, and Fundraising now, because as a kid I always wanted to be a lawyer. Then at 16 or so, when I realized what kind of time and pressure becoming a lawyer would mean, I decided I wanted to be an actress—so I could just play a lawyer in the movies.”

Sieglinde graduated from Seattle’s Franklin High School in 1999 and auditioned for a spot at Cornish College, where she spent the next year studying theater. “Ironically, I decided theater school was not really my bag, too much terrible, unabashed, orating in the halls.”

After a couple of years spent trying to write the next great American novel (“Still working on that!”), Sieglinde moved cross country to attend UNH in tiny Durham, New Hampshire. “Not only is the East Coast radically different than the Northwest, but Durham is the size of my pinkie toe. It was a huge life change.”

She spent her last semester of college in Cambridge, England, studying Shakespeare and travel writing. After ten years in New England—seven of which were spent working in Development at a small North Shore private school—she was hired by PSCS co-founder, Andy Smallman, in an unexpected whirlwind of cosmic events. She lives in Rainier Beach with her husband Drew, whom she’s known since high school (go Quakers), and her son, Oliver.

“I love that PSCS and I found each other. I also love that in moving back to Seattle to work here, all of the dominoes and polka dots of my life came into place.”

B.A. English, University of New Hampshire