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Liana Green
Teaching Staff

Liana Green can no longer remember how much her allowance was as a pre-teen, but she remembers what it meant to her.

“I would save my allowance and go rent a saxophone from the music store,” she says. “I’d have that for three months, and then I’d take that back and get a clarinet and have that for a couple months. Then I’d take it back and go get a tuba. That was just fun for me.

“I would sit in my room and figure out how to make music on different instruments.”

Since then, Liana has learned to play the trombone, euphonium, guitar, mandolin, bass—pretty much anything. Liana takes students rock climbing, helps them with college applications, and loves reading Harry Potter books with some of the middle schoolers. But she spends most of her days working with students in music.

Some time ago, she noticed a group of middle school girls with time on their hands. She coaxed them into playing music with each other, and they quickly formed the Pink Tuxedos. Liana gave them private lessons, helped them write a few songs, and they began preparing for their first live show at the PSCS Student Showcase. On the night of their debut, the band members showed up decked out in hot pink, nervous for their big performance. Liana printed out a set list with notes for each and taped it to the floor of the stage. “I give everyone a little pep talk before they go onstage. I said, ‘Let’s just go out and have fun. If we play wrong notes, everyone is still going to clap and have a huge smile on their face.’”

The band played, and Liana admits that even she missed a few notes. Still, the community gave them a raucous ovation.

“I knew that they could do it,” she says.

Her greatest moment, she says, didn’t happen on stage, however. “It happened when we came back after the summer. I met with my theory class, and they had remembered everything I had taught them over the summer.” She laughed. “I’m a teacher!”