Duncan Moore

Here’s how PSCS friend and volunteer, Duncan Moore, responded when asked to describe his involvement at PSCS:

“When I meet folks while at a PSCS event I’m often asked, ‘So, what’s your connection to PSCS? Which child is yours?’ To which I respond, ‘None of them.’ So what is my connection to PSCS? Why did I serve on the board, facilitate classes, and generally hang out as much as I can? It’s because I’m secretly envious of all the kids that do get to attend PSCS. I turned out pretty okay despite the best efforts of both the public and private school systems. I don’t regret that and am grateful for the person I am.

“However, ever since I was introduced to PSCS in 2007 and attended a volunteer orientation night I’ve had a little fantasy game that involves what I COULD have become had I been invited to attend a place like this when I was 11 years old.

“I’ve spent decades of struggle learning the self-actualization skills that most PSCS seniors have on graduation day. As the adult that I am, PSCS has turned MY passion into achievement. My involvement in PSCS is to make sure that it is available to the next 11-year-old Duncan, whoever that is.”