What’s Good? PSCS, That’s What!

A couple weeks back a youth-based organization called “What’s Good 206” came in to PSCS to film Jon Ramer, creator of the Compassion Games and a guest speaker Andy had invited in. As it turns out, they became more interested in PSCS itself and created a short YouTube video based on what they saw (Jon’s…

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Insanity Kontraption Video is Here!

Kontraption Machine!

For those who couldn’t be here for the live performance, here’s the result of Scobie’s Insanity Kontraption intensive. Original music was created by junior Maddie Stein.    

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PSCS is Bio-Curious


Tanya has set up a table at the front of the school that she calls “bio-curious.” It holds a wide range of things that are living or once were living, a couple microscopes, petri dishes, and an open textbook. She loves biology, so she often spends part of her day just hanging around the table,…

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The Most Important Things You Learn at PSCS…

New Student Orientation

By Steve Miranda When I first started at PSCS, I conducted a series of interviews with members of the school community so I could better understand how the educational philosophy gets put into practice. One alumnus said to me, “The most important things at PSCS are not necessarily what goes on in the classes. It’s…

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