Passion is Contagious!

We often say that PSCS is really simple to understand. For instance, one intention of the school is to simply connect our students to people who love what they do. Our belief is that the most natural learning takes place when someone who is excited, engaged, and passionate about something shares that excitement with others.

Yesterday, such an experience happened synchronistically.

Tawni, our new teacher, and Andy had plans to take our group of eight 6th & 7th graders to a park on Beacon Hill. Exiting the light rail, they started walking to the park and along the way spotted the Day Moon Press, a unique print shop. Tawni paused to look in the window, as did the students and Andy.

Filled with industrial age era printing presses and gadgets and inks and tools and such, this shop is like stepping back in time. Inside, a friendly-looking woman smiled at the group, taking note of their presence. Then she came out to show the students what she was working on. Andy asked her, “Do you love your job?”

She took a step back, her face relaxing into a lovely smile and said, “Oh, yes. I have the best job in the world.”

Of course, after that she invited the group in to tour the store and see all the great machines. It was quite magical, a group of middle schoolers interacting with a person who has been loving her job for over 35 years.

Passion is contagious. Catch it!