“10 Stories in 10 Days” fundraiser a big success!

Thanks to everyone who supported our “10 Stories in 10 Days” spring fundraiser! In case you missed it, feel free to follow the links below and read all about it.


Story No. 1: Workplace of the future

Story No. 2: PSCS extends beyond the students

Story No. 3: Miracle school

Story No. 4: Learning isn’t about being perfect

Story No. 5: Safe is risky. Risky is safe.

Story No. 6: We have to decide

Story No. 7: Everyone gets a seat at the table

Story No. 8: Why didn’t you tell me?

Story No. 9: The Meaningful Life

Story No. 10: The big idea

We received one last donation right after the last story that put our final total for the campaign at $22,050. Thank you, PSCS family!