Puget Sound Community School

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We provide students with a collaborative educational environment and true ownership of their learning.

PSCs students are usually between the ages of 11 and 18. This corresponds to grades 6–12 in more traditional schools. We enroll new students in middle school (6-8th grade) as well as high school (9th and 10th grade only—although we occasionally consider a student who is a bit older but willing to commit to 3-years in our program before graduation).

PSCS is grounded in community. In fact, our major requirements are based on providing the structure necessary for students to be immersed in a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment. Each year students are assigned an Advisor, are required to earn 1,000 Community Hours, and are required to attend each day’s Check-In/Check-Out meetings.

Students and staff collaborate each term to create the PSCS course schedule. This cooperative process provides an arena in which students can advocate for classes they want, be sensitive to the scheduling needs of other students, and learn to structure their schedules around their interests, goals, and priorities.

PSCS is divided into two distinct but overlapping programs: the middle school and the high school. Middle school students are provided additional structure that helps them to understand and experience the school’s core principles: Practice integrity. Engage the community. Act with courage.

PSCS Middle School Program

Students in their early years at PSCS, a time when they are likely experiencing an educational environment unlike any other they have known, are provided a program meant to grow in them a deep understanding of themselves and their responsibilities to community, as well as to help them develop the skills needed to derive the most benefit from PSCS. Middle school students are each assigned an Advisor, a member of the teaching staff, and the newest are paired with an older student to help maneuver the daily workings of PSCS.  They also attend our daily all school Check-In/Check-Out and are automatically signed up for Middle School Seminar—an activity that meets at least once each week and provides them developmentally appropriate activities based on the core concepts of the school.

PSCS High School Program

Our high school students are provided a program built around the concepts of self-awareness, self-direction, and goal-setting, all in the context of participating and contributing to a healthy school community. They attend our daily all school Check-In/Check-Out and are each assigned an Advisor, a member of the teaching staff, who helps them to identify their short- and long-term goals, and to map out a strategy to achieving them. In terms of school offerings, advisors challenge students to participate in activities, not based on what they “should” be doing, but because they’re excited by these activities and find meaning in them. Advisors also engage students in a process of rigorous self-reflection, which is authentic and supportive of student growth.

Graduating From PSCS

PSCS graduates demonstrate high levels of self-expression, intrinsic motivation, and commitment to the community. A student’s senior year at PSCS is the crowning development and expression of these characteristics and is uniquely structured to showcase them. To graduate from PSCS, a student must first be approved by the staff. To be considered, students will need to be at least 16 years old and have been enrolled at PSCS for at least three full school years at the time of their graduation.

PSCS Graduation Requirements