PSCS graduates demonstrate high levels of self-expression, intrinsic motivation, and commitment to their school community—as well as the global community.


Graduating from PSCS

In addition to taking and teaching courses, applying to colleges, universities, and certificate programs, working, and interning, students in their culminating year at PSCS participate in a challenging, school year long Senior Process. They attend weekly Senior Seminar, lead small and large group discussions, and submit multiple self-reflections. They complete text studies, practicums, interviews, leadership challenges, and a final Senior Project meant to challenge their capabilities, further a personal interest or passion, and tell the story of their progress. Seniors at PSCS work with their Advisor (a member of the teaching staff) to choose classes and create schedules for themselves that meet Washington State graduation requirements.

Since 1994, the process has evolved intentionally and is regularly defined to ensure skills being practiced are adapted to the needs of our collective future.

Senior Seminar 

A student’s Senior year at PSCS is the ultimate development and expression of the Arc of the Student Journey and is structured to showcase self-expression, motivation, and commitment to the community.

12th grade students spend their culminating year together in Senior Seminar, undergoing the Senior Process, and working on individual Senior Projects. Senior Projects will be formally presented to the community at our annual Senior Showcase in May. Successful completion of this project and meeting the Washington State Graduation Requirements are needed in order to graduate from PSCS.

Senior Process

In addition to meeting the state of Washington's graduation requirements, PSCS Seniors participate in a rigorous year-long Senior Process. This includes:

  • completion of a large-scale Senior Project that challenges their capabilities and furthers a personal passion
  • presentation of their final Senior Project at our annual Senior Showcase
  • development of their Credo, a statement of personal belief, with staff guidance over the course of the school year, and presentation of that statement at their graduation ceremony
  • successful completion of, and the work associated with, Senior Seminar (writing and editing their Credo; practicums, conversations, and text studies; presenting on their project process to the community throughout the year)

Community Service

Community Service is a PSCS Graduation Requirement. As we strive to graduate students who embody our vision for a more just and equitable future, we believe it is through service that we begin to develop empathy for ourselves and for all. We can begin to understand the complexities of equity and inclusion, while simultaneously attempting to leverage our privilege and power to dismantle, in small part, the systems of injustice that exist where we live.

Even in the context of a global pandemic, we believe there are still many opportunities to help (neighborhood food drive, socially distanced restoration projects, etc). PSCS will collaborate with students and families to identify and approve safe service opportunities, in coordination with a student’s Advisor. Students are encouraged to seek out service opportunities with their friends and families, whether through a local agency or through an individual project. PSCS will collaborate with students and families to identify and approve safe, meaningful service opportunities. At the end of the year we will acknowledge the various ways we have served our communities and our experiences doing so. Completion of community service requirements will be reflected in a student's transcript.


PSCS documents the classes, activities, Seminars, and Community Time activities of our students on an official transcript which will include narrative reflections from facilitators. Intensives and some Independent Study projects may also be recorded on transcripts.

However, students must follow the PSCS Independent Study Process, and projects must be approved by both your Advisor and the Director of Program, in order to have them appropriately documented. Classes for which students do not earn Credit (C), or that have been dropped after each term’s deadline, will be displayed on transcripts with No Credit (NC).

PSCS is approved by the state of Washington to award a high school diploma to any student who meets theee graduation requirements.

Featured Profile

Liana Green–Administrative Consultant

Liana Green (she/they) came to PSCS 14 years ago, ultimately creating and broadening our Music Program as it stands today. During her tenure as a full time Teaching Staff member, she forged opportunities for everyone, from new performers, to mid-range musicians,  to more experienced performers. She offered classes like Music Theory, Diverse Voices, Choir, and Dead White Guys, all running in tandem with many, many bands. She leaves behind an incredible program, one that has seen many alum follow their musical passions into becoming working musicians—and even to places like Cal Arts, The New School, and Berklee School of Music. While Liana is no longer a full time teaching staff member at PSCS, she is invested in our anti-hierarchical transition to collaborative leadership and to our community—staying on as Administrative Consultant for the foreseeable future. B.A. Music, Western Washington University & Fairhaven College; M.M. Trumpet Performance & Orchestral Studies, New England Conservatory of Music. Read More >