Deb Schaack

Deb Schaack

PSCS friend, past staff-, board- member, and volunteer, Deb Schaack, first got involved with PSCS in 1997 after completing a year of service with AmeriCorps. Deb taught at the school for nine years before becoming an entrepreneur. She ran Central Physical Therapy & Fitness, with her partner, Jutta, for many years before they both retired and moved to Port Townsend.

Identifying the highlight of her time at PSCS is not easy.

“As anybody who’s been involved with PSCS for any stretch of time will tell you, it’s very difficult to pick out just one memorable moment. It’s more like a stream of moments. A few that come to mind: sitting motionless with a couple students on a backpacking trip as we watch an obviously just-born fawn try out her legs . . . walking through freezing rain on a peace walk chanting with monks . . . working with students to create an in-school snack store.”

Deb says this is exactly what makes PSCS so special.

“PSCS is important because it pays attention to and values the subtle small daily actions of life, knowing that it’s the sum of these actions that create who we are as individuals and as a community. In a world that is practically bombarded by news of big ‘events,’ it’s important to give value to the little things as well.”