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Duncan Moore

Here’s how Duncan Moore, the vice president of the PSCS Board of Trustees, responded when asked to describe his involvement at PSCS:

“When I meet folks while at a PSCS event I’m often asked, ‘So, what’s your connection to PSCS? Which child is yours?’ To which I respond, ‘None of them. I don’t have children.’ So what is my connection to PSCS? Why do I serve on the board, facilitate classes, and generally hang out as much as I can? It’s because I’m secretly envious of all the kids that do get to attend PSCS. . . .

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Rolling Admissions

We understand that the process for finding a great school does not always fall inside a pre-set time frame

Although we aim to have reached the end of our admissions process by mid-March in any given school year, prospective applicants can still contact the Admissions Office after March. We do occasionally consider new students after admissions season if we have space in their respective grade. If you are interested in applying to PSCS after the usual cycle, please email our Director of Admissions and include some basic information about your family and your child (name, current grade, current school, and anything else that may be  pertinent).

Additional Information

Mid-Year Enrollment: PSCS has limited space and occasionally considers a select few mid-year students.

Tuition Aid: Admission decisions are made independently of tuition aid decisions. For more information on the process of applying for aid, go to Tuition Aid FAQ

Three Year Minimum: Students must attend PSCS for a minimum of three full years in order to be eligible to graduate and receive a high school diploma from PSCS.