It is our wish that families not be stopped from pursuing admission at PSCS due to lack of funds.

As such, PSCS is committed to having a significant amount of tuition aid available (for families who qualify) in order to help them attend and participate in the services provided by the school. Families who apply for tuition aid submit their financial information to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Service, an impartial system that provides PSCS with an overview of what families can afford to pay in tuition. We recognize that this objective data may not best represent any individual family's situation, so we encourage those applying for aid to also submit written subjective data (more info below). Our Tuition Aid Committee, convened by the School Director, reviews all the information submitted, objective and subjective, to determine tuition aid awards.

The 2018-19 Tuition Aid Application deadline was January 19, 2018 for NEW AND RETURNING families. This does not mean you cannot still apply outside that deadline, but timeliness of applications is a consideration of our Tuition Aid Committee. 

In addition to need considerations, the Tuition Aid Committee takes into account:

  • the number of, ages of, and tuition obligations for other children
  • additional dependents
  • assets
  • all sources of income

Letters should be sent to the committee outlining debts, expenses, spending priorities, and extenuating circumstances, not taken into consideration by FACTS. This letter should also include any other information an applying family deems relevant.

The committee will also consider other factors pertinent to the school community, such as race, gender, demonstration of the school’s core commitments, and make awards in support of the school’s diversity goals. Again, timeliness of these submissions is also weighed in the decision-making process.

Please note:

  • Tuition aid does not automatically renew. Families must reapply each year.
  • Tuition deposits will be refunded for families who are offered aid and subsequently decide the amount is not sufficient to enroll their children.
  • In cases where parents are divorced, incomes from both parents and new partners are combined.

If you are considering applying for tuition aid and have questions regarding the process please email or call 206.324.4350.