PSCS provides students with a collaborative  environment, community support, and  ownership of their education.

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Although many of the courses and activities at PSCS are cross-grade, PSCS is divided into two distinct but overlapping programs: middle school and high school. Students who fully embrace the opportunities offered at PSCS show consistent progress in self-expression, leadership, and skill building in almost any endeavor, and are starting to recognize they are part of something bigger than themselves.

"I’ve gone to a school where my voice has been valued, where I've been given the opportunity to make my own choices and compassion has been paramount. A place with teachers who have actually care about me and how I'm doing. A place where I learned how to read. And when I say learned how to read, I don’t mean learned how to read, I mean I learned how to read.

-pscs senior credo

Featured Profile

Steve Morton

Steve’s daughter Gracie was enrolled in a public high school, but the daily homework load was interfering with her life’s passion, which is dance. When Gracie came to PSCS, the school worked with her to make dance a primary focus of her life. For the Morton family, school became a partner rather than an adversary.

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