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We’re ALL building something extraordinary, and we’re doing it together.

"I just have to say, this is awesome. my child's report cards in the past were not at all from a strengths-based lens. We are grateful for PSCS to really see my child and who he is. Thanks for giving him such great opportunities to grow and learn and make connections. I read the positive statements about him and it makes my heart full. I know this is such a challenging time and the thoughtfulness, flexibility and grace by all at PSCS throughout this is so appreciated."
— PSCS Parent

“The tragedy of school shootings underscores my gratitude for PSCS: First, as a community that uniquely embodies respect for all; second, as a model to the world of engaged and caring people, of all ages; and third, as my daughter's school. Not only do I trust for her physical and emotional safety, I also trust the depth and quality of the learning—on high school shootings, movies, teenage drinking, college, politics, (everything!)—that I know she will be surrounded with at PSCS.”
—PSCS Parent

"Thank you for giving me the courage and tools to develop my passions."

—PSCS Alum

"I am very grateful for all the staff, friends, and families that are a part of PSCS.

I know so many wonderful human beings because of my relationship with the school.

My life and my self would not be the same without you.”

—PSCS Volunteer

“...I’ve gone to a school where my voice has been valued, where I’ve been given the opportunity to make my own choices, and where compassion has been paramount.  A place with teachers who have actually cared about me and how I’ve been doing. A place where I’ve learned how to read.  And when I say learned how to read I don’t mean learned to read, I mean learned how to read...
—PSCS Senior Credo

"I am writing to express my thanks for your vision and labor in creating PSCS, and for the positive impact PSCS has had on my daughter. I am so pleased to report that she feels very safe at PSCS and is genuinely excited to go to school—she is also invested in being responsible and meeting the expectations of the team there...I know you all work hard to make this vision possible for the entire school. In addition, you all helped make it possible for my daughter, specifically, to be able to attend."
—PSCS Parent

Featured Profile

Samuel Mitchell–Director of School Operations & Registrar

Admin Sam (he/him) is entering his 10th year at PSCS. He grew up in many places—including 3 places in each Dakota—and has traveled to 49 of our 50 states. 28 years in Seattle doesn’t make him a native, for sure, but it’s been home for a long time. He currently lives in Columbia City with his partner, Joe, kids, Julienne and Jaxton, two cats, and a bunch of chickens. The soil in his yard is somehow perfectly textured: a magical loam that holds water and drains. He also has three older kids from a prior life chapter who are spread around Seattle and California, as well as family of origin around the US. Sam would almost always rather be outside hiking, digging in the dirt, planting things, feeling the sun and wind (and rain) on his face. A wholehearted lover of Eastern WA, he’s often on the dry side leaning geology from seeing and touching it. Grab him to compare notes on favorite spots. If Sam’s not outside, he’s likely to be found in a chair reading, or in the kitchen cooking with whatever is in the fridge or garden. A long-time Master Gardener (WSU Extension Volunteer), Sam served multiple roles on the board of the Master Gardener Foundation of King County. The Master Gardener community of volunteers is central to his research-based, collaborative approach to much of life. It also provided him an education in budgeting for a diverse program of outreach that supports a volunteer corps of 600 people and paid staff members. “It’s a humbling challenge to hold the dreams parents have for their kids, and the dreams students have for themselves. Now, in this new structure, working to build something collaborative and anti-hierarchical, I’m more tired, but better used.” B.A. Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington Read More >