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Our students want to learn what you love! Every year, PSCS involves volunteers from the community who bring their unique expertise and energy to the school. Students receive the benefit of the personal experiences of the volunteers, exposure to a diversity of teaching methods and styles, as well as an additional lens through which they learn about and explore the world.

People interested in volunteering are required to bring two things to PSCS: strong interest in the topic they are sharing and a desire to share it. We believe that any person who brings these two things is a natural teacher. If you meet these criteria and have one or two hours available each week, consider volunteering. You’ll participate in a mandatory orientation, complete a background check, and are onboarded by our Director of Program.

View the application process.

Volunteer F.A.Q.

Why Should I Become a PSCS Volunteer?

Sharing something you love with a group of interested students is both energizing and rewarding. Volunteers often gain new clarity and a fresh perspective surrounding their subject of choice. Young people often have a way of “pushing the envelope” that encourages these new insights.

Volunteers have the opportunity to make a real and positive impact on the lives of young people. You may spark a new interest for a student or help them deepen their knowledge in a subject area they’re already pursuing. You will become a role model for students, helping them gain a sense of themselves and their role in the wider community.

Volunteering at PSCS is also a chance to gain experience working with youth. It is a chance to learn or refine your ability to express what you know, in ways that others can understand.

We also invite volunteers to become a part of the PSCS community. We’re a diverse and interesting group of people!

Who Can Be a PSCS Volunteer?

Our primary requirement for volunteers is a desire to share something about which you are passionate. (NOTE: We use Washington State Patrol background checks for all volunteers at PSCS to help ensure the safety of our students.)

What is My Role as a Volunteer?

The essential work of a volunteer is helping young people realize who they are and what they can do. This is best done by gently nurturing the growth of students-supervising their activities while providing appropriate challenges and constructive feedback in an atmosphere of inspiration, trust, courage, and respect. You are free to structure your activity in a way that is comfortable for you. Design and facilitate your own class activities and establish requirements and homework as appropriate.

How Do I Become Involved in the Program?

To help ensure a positive experience for both students and volunteers, all potential volunteers are required to attend an orientation session. This is handled through a visit to the school, where you will meet with students and staff members and observe PSCS in action. Please contact Head of School Amy Hollinger at 206.324.4350 or email for more information.

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest! In order to get started as a PSCS volunteer facilitator, you’ll need to fill out and submit our volunteer application and the following supplemental forms.

Return all forms to:

Puget Sound Community School
660 S. Dearborn St. | Seattle, WA | 98134

Volunteer application, background history, and volunteer driver application: Volunteer Paperwork [PDF]

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