Our students want to learn what you love! Every year, PSCS involves volunteers from the community who bring their unique expertise and energy to the school. Students receive the benefit of the personal experiences of the volunteers, exposure to a diversity of teaching methods and styles, as well as an additional lens through which they learn about and explore the world.

People interested in volunteering are required to bring two things to PSCS: strong interest in the topic they are sharing and a desire to share it. We believe that any person who brings these two things is a natural teacher. If you meet these criteria and have one or two hours available each week, consider volunteering. You'll participate in a mandatory orientation, complete a background check, and are onboarded by our Director of Program.

To discuss ideas and hear more about how scheduling works, please email our Director of Community Engagement.

Volunteer F.A.Q.

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest! In order to get started as a PSCS volunteer facilitator, you’ll need to fill out and submit our volunteer application and the following supplemental forms.

Return all forms to:

Puget Sound Community School
660 S. Dearborn St. | Seattle, WA | 98134

Volunteer application, background history, and volunteer driver application: Volunteer Paperwork [PDF]

Featured Profile

Akin Alston—Teaching Staff

Akin is a first year teacher at PSCS, but has been connected to this community since 2014. He has an innovative, charismatic and unconventional approach to mathematics teaching and learning. For over 30 years, he has developed new community-based initiatives and services to support higher mathematics ans STEM achievement—particularly in communities of color.

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