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Seeing the school in action can be the difference between a basic appreciation of our philosophy and a true understanding of how PSCS works.

If you are interested in applying to PSCS please go to our Admissions Page and after reading through the information, contact us to start the process.

Sieglinde Levery-Nicholas
Director of Advancement

You will be  engaged in a short conversation to find out a bit about your family and what your child loves to do. At this point, we can respond to any immediate questions you might have about PSCS. However, there is only so much you can learn about PSCS through a phone call or an email. The best way to learn about the school is to spend some time on campus.

Anti-Bias Policy

At Puget Sound Community School, we believe that functioning in a truly diverse community is a vital 21st-century skill. We define diversity to include race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, different physical and cognitive abilities, and religion. We recognize that there may be other areas in need of attention that we have not identified here, or that will emerge with time. PSCS has an open admissions policy that reflects our aim to respect individual differences and learn from diversity. We admit students of any racial, national, religious, or ethnic origin, from all backgrounds, belief systems, family dynamics, and orientations. In short, we recognize and invite the participation of all people, not discriminating on any basis in the administration of our programs. PSCS relies on an active Anti-Bias Committee that currently includes members of the student body, staff, and board of trustees to help focus our efforts. The goal of the Anti-Bias Committee is to help ensure that PSCS is a place where no group of people feels categorically excluded. Committee members support the ongoing work of students, staff, and trustees, and hold a space for potentially difficult conversations; they have identified and articulated race and ethnicity as an area of focus for PSCS.