PSCS Strategic Planning

At PSCS, it was critical that all students, staff, alumni, families, friends, and trustees have access to meaningful and relevant avenues for engagement in our 2020 Strategic Planning process. We held several committee meetings and occasions for the school community to come together to collaborate on a vision for the future of PSCS, to recognize our strengths and leverage them moving forward, and to re-dedicate ourselves to the PSCS Core Commitments: Practice Integrity. Engage the Community. Act with Courage. Working together, our new vision emerged, along with several goals meant to define initiative planning at the staff level. 

Many thanks to the entire PSCS community for coming together and helping mindfully move us through this process. We could not have done it without you.

Puget Sound Community School in 2025 cultivates belonging, engagement,

and learning grounded in diversity, empowerment, and empathy.

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