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Puget Sound Community School | Director of Program Job Description | 2022-2023

The Director of Program is one of three collaborative directors at PSCS. The Director of Program is free, within constraints, to create the role to reflect their strengths and the team of collaborators. The Director of Program works closely with the Directors of Community Engagement and School Operations, as well as the Teaching Staff, and reports to the Board of Trustees. The ultimate responsibility for the philosophy, policy, and direction of PSCS is held collaboratively among these constituents. The Director of Program is collaboratively responsible for the delivery of student and family programs. While expected to remain flexible to participate in programs and activities not directly specified below, this Director will hold:

Accountability for the short- and long-range planning, implementation, and delivery in the following areas:

Teaching Staff Support

  • Collaborating with staff to coordinate and articulate the philosophy and pedagogy of the school
  • Supporting teaching staff members and delivery of the program
  • Orienting new students and families to PSCS to create and broaden the institutional culture
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in education
  • Facilitating parent education in program and pedagogy
  • Collaborating with staff to coordinate courses to ensure graduates meet WA State graduation requirements
  • Scheduling
    • Collaborating with staff to coordinate teaching staff curriculum
    • Facilitate schedule mapping
    • Partner to edit and publish the course blogs each term
  • Collaborating with staff to coordinate Orientation/Foundations weeks
  • Collaborating with staff to coordinate community service
  • Coordinating and managing adjunct teachers
  • Coordinating and managing volunteer facilitators

Collaborative responsibility for the short- and long-range planning, implementation, and delivery in the following areas:


  • Training Board members to facilitate and implement the mission, philosophy, and programs of PSCS
  • Ensuring ongoing Board development
  • Partnering to develop programmatic, organizational, and financial plans with the Board
  • Providing recommendations to the Board in formulating and revising policies
  • Partnering to execute legal documents and to conduct official correspondence
  • Ensuring sound financial practices
  • Planning mission-appropriate strategies to ensure the future viability of PSCS
  • Coordinating the involvement and service of the Board of Trustees

Student/Employee development

  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Planning and maintaining official records and documents, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations
  • Ensuring proper HR functions and practices are in place
  • Promoting and supporting a diverse staff
  • Recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining paid staff and volunteers
  • Partnering regarding the selection, evaluation, and dismissal of students to ensure sustainable enrollment
  • Partnering to facilitate student and staff meetings
  • Keeping students/teacher records
  • Monitoring and tracking student/teacher attendance
  • Maintaining student/family forms
  • Responding to emergent student issues
    • Partnering to perform formal and informal investigations
    • Partnering to build and implement a culture of Restorative Justice
    • Partnering to communicate with parents/guardians to ensure students are well served
  • Ensuring staff availability
    • Staffing the front desk
    • Monitoring and supporting the daily needs of students and staff

Health & Safety

  • Promoting physical and mental health for all community members
  • Ensuring COVID safe practices
  • Maintaining and improving the site

Collaborative input and decision-making regarding the short- and long-range planning, implementation, and delivery in the following areas:


  • Advocating for the school, its mission and philosophy in larger professional and public communities
  • Publicizing school activities, programs, and goals
  • Representing PSCS at relevant meetings and through other public relations activities
  • Building and maintaining cooperative relationships with community groups

Salary and Benefits: $80,000/year, employer-paid medical and dental insurance, employer-paid retirement, generous Paid Time Off, tuition remission, close working team.


  • Masters in Education or equivalent life and/or lived experience
  • Experience working with young people
  • Experience in classroom facilitation
  • Entrepreneurial impulse and mindset

Please email your resume and introduction letter to pscs@pscs.org with the subject line: For the PSCS Hiring Committee.

PSCS Graphic depicting job responsibilites


PAST Employment Opportunities

Adjunct Teaching Staff – Math Focus 

Position Summary: Supervised by the Director of Program, the Math Focus Adjunct Teaching Staff position will work with the school community to implement a math educational program for students that supports the mission and philosophy of PSCS. When requested and as scheduling permits, this position is flexible to participate in programs and activities not directly specified below.

Application Requirements: In lieu of a traditional cover letter, please submit a one page document that explains how your work and lived experiences led you to this moment and prepared you to be successful in this role with PSCS. Please include example(s) of relationship-building or stewardship that you are especially proud of and what made them meaningful.


  • Facilitate a high level of differentiated math instruction in a school focused on supporting students in becoming self-directed.
  • Collaborate with other staff to address the needs of the whole student.
  • Teach Algebra 1, Algebra 2, MS Integrated Math, and HS Integrated Math. Consult with the Director of Program and student’s Advisors to address additional student needs.
  • Integrate the teaching of executive functioning skills into classes.
  • Create a supportive environment of belonging.
  • Supply class descriptions, student comments, and credit reporting upon each term’s conclusion.
  • Act in loco parentis with regard to student progress and confidentiality.
  • Engage math explorations through a social justice lens.
  • Engage with community members about power and positionality with regard to race, gender, and privilege.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree. Prefer candidates who have experience teaching in a progressive school environment or outside of school programs.
  • Experience working with middle/high school students.
  • Exemplary written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Excellent executive functioning.
  • Strong collaborative planning skills.
  • Desire to work in a progressive school environment.
  • Flexibility in meeting the needs of a wide range of learners.
  • Understanding of one’s own position with regard to race, gender, patriarchy, power hierarchies, etc.

Schedule and Compensation:
This is an adjunct teaching position, 10 hours a week, with days and times to be scheduled each term. Compensation is $15,000.

Puget Sound Community School invites the participation and employment of all people, welcoming students, teachers, families, and volunteers of any racial, national, religious, or ethnic origin, from all backgrounds, belief systems, orientations, and expressions.

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