PSCS is a community school

We have many opportunities for families to engage or share something your passionate about with other students and parents. Ocasionally, we'll put the call out for parent volunteers, to to be drivers on field trips or to join a committee. We even have a Family Association which hosts meetings and gatherings for parents. But parental participation at school is not mandatory.

We do hold several events throughout the school year that we hope will bring out the whole family, including our annual fundraiser (April), Senior Showcase (May) and Graduation (June), which are required for all current students.

Featured Profile

Chrissy Wakeling

Meow meow meow, meow meow… Perhaps I shall translate for PSCS Teaching Staff member, Chrissy Wakeling. Chrissy lives in West Seattle with her two cats, lovely garden, and DVD collection. Like her cats, Chrissy is a skilled digger. Whether it is growing veggies and flowers for her co-workers to enjoy or digging up woolly mammoths, she likes getting her hands dirty. While Chrissy has a deep love for the PNW (home), she learns best through experiences and tries to travel as much as possible. Some of her favorite places (so far): India (for the people), Iceland (for the geology), Australia...

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