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Our Staff

PSCS staff members are people who demonstrate outstanding character and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Because of the unique structure of the school—emphasizing passion, authentic learning, and a steadfast promise to maintain a supportive environment—we have been able to select the best applicants for each of our staff positions from an extraordinarily rich talent pool.

In terms of our teaching staff, we do not limit them to teaching only one narrow field of study. PSCS does not have designated English teachers or math teachers, for example, because we want teachers to bring their whole selves to work each day.

Andy Smallman  Read Bio>
PSCS Founder, School Director

B.A. Liberal Arts, The Evergreen State College

M.A. Human Development, Pacific Oaks College

Liana Green  Read Bio>
Teaching Staff

B.A. Music, Western Washington University & Fairhaven College; M.M. Trumpet Performance & Orchestral Studies, New England Conservatory of Music

Nic Warmenhoven  Read Bio>
Teaching Staff

B.A. Political Science, Reed College

Sieglinde Levery-Nicholas  Read Bio>
Director of Advancement

B.A. English, University of New Hampshire

Scobie Puchtler  Read Bio>
Teaching Staff

B.A. Art and Design, Yale College

Chrissy Wakeling  Read Bio>
Teaching Staff

B.S. Sociology and Anthropology/Women's Studies and Geology, Principia College

Samuel Mitchell  Read Bio>
Administrative Director

B.A. Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington

Elizabeth Ortega  Read Bio>
Teaching Staff

B.A. Sociology & Anthropology, University of Arizona; M.Ed. Transformative Learning Processes, Antioch University

Tim Ichien  Read Bio>
Operations Specialist

B.A. Biology, Colorado College; Education for Environment & Community Certificate, IslandWood EEC; M.Ed. Science Education, University of Washington

Tawni Bell  Read Bio>
Adjunct Teaching Staff

B.A. Fine Arts & Performing, Western Washington University; M.A. Columbia College, Chicago

Michael Coffey  Read Bio>
Adjunct Teaching Staff

B.A. English, Western Washington University