A “community school” starts by honoring the individual.

When PSCS was created in 1994 we were very mindful about what to name the school. We settled on “community school” because of the value we place on having both a strong internal community and connections to the greater community beyond.

We start with the individual at the center, but we also want students to understand their relationship to their peers, staff, volunteers, and parents involved in the school.

We've built neighborhood partnerships and collaborations through community service projects that are designed to help students appreciate that the world is bigger than they might think.

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Lauren Head

PSCS alum Lauren Head graduated with the PSCS Class of 2010 and from Quest University in 2014. During their sophomore years, all Quest students write a “Question Proposal,” which serves as their academic concentration and interdisciplinary major for the final two years of their undergraduate education. Lauren’s question was, “What is the role of empathy in community?” In her Question Proposal, she wrote, “I spent my senior year of high school investigating my values of empathy and community. All that I learned during that time shaped my perspective at Quest. I learned that the role empathy plays to help individuals...

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