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The word is out!

FOXed Up, Student DJ, Popsicle Stick Bridges and Other Fun at PSCS… Excerpt from the latest Newsletter: “…This episode is important for two reasons. First: The other school is not actually the weird school. Just like families, whether you are also an FBI dad and a forensic genius mom, two secret agent dads, two sets…

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Winning Popsicle Stick Bridge Holds 2,270 lbs!

PSCS recently swept the 18th Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Making Contest. Sponsored by the Younger Members of the American Society of Civil Engineers, our winning bridge ultimately failed at 2,270 lbs. (or more than a Honda Civic) and weighed less than a can of Coke. The bridge-making team consisted of five PSCS students, staff member…

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