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Disappearing Art and More

Intensives are a facilitated, in-depth investigation into a theme or a topic that takes place all day long for about five straight days. Last week, PSCS teaching staff offered a myriad of wonderful day long adventures that deviated form the regular class schedule for the term Scobie and Nic’s Intensive, Disappearing Art, took students off…

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Art on the Move

PSCS students created two new classmates in Scobie’s Tape Sculpture class last term. Ricky the Hitchhiker was sculpted with a protruding thumb, designed to travel cross country. Lucy the Climber was sculpted to look like a student climbing a wall, fence, or any manner of scaleable city. Both sculptures were randomly dropped off in Seattle’s…

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What’s Good? PSCS, That’s What!

A couple weeks back a youth-based organization called “What’s Good 206” came in to PSCS to film Jon Ramer, creator of the Compassion Games and a guest speaker Andy had invited in. As it turns out, they became more interested in PSCS itself and created a short YouTube video based on what they saw (Jon’s…

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Olympic Hike

Eight PSCS students along with staff members Scobie and Tanya and fearless volunteer Duncan Moore spent last Friday on an ambitious hike deep into the Olympic Mountains. Starting in the dark hours of the morning, the 11 hikers took the ferry to the Olympic Peninsula and drove up the Deer Park Road through the cloud…

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How About THEM Apples!?

On Wednesday this week four students led by teachers Nic and Scobie broke away for an afternoon of service work, heading up to the Danny Woo Garden, a nearby terraced hillside that serves International District residents by allowing them sunny space and healthy soil to grow traditional crops from their native countries. They spent a…

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Students create sculptures with light

Students worked with Scobie to mask off the windows in a classroom to create a completely dark environment. Then various colored light sources were used to “paint” the photographic images with light during the 15-second-long exposures. To view the entire slideshow, click here.

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“Our Own American Life” from PSCS Radio

  Students Jasper, Lorenz, Aiden and Jamie, working with staff member Scobie Puchtler, have created an 18 minute audio piece modeled on the NPR syndicated radio show “This American Life”. This episode of “Our Own American Life”, entitled Playing With Fire, explores the themes of danger, fun, and collateral damage through the recollection of two…

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Insanity Kontraption Video is Here!

Kontraption Machine!

For those who couldn’t be here for the live performance, here’s the result of Scobie’s Insanity Kontraption intensive. Original music was created by junior Maddie Stein.    

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Intensives Week is…Well, Intense!

Intensives Week

Intensives week, when the class schedule is put on hold while the students sign up for one course that lasts all week, always reminds me why PSCS is the greatest school in the world. * * * Nic led an intensive about the Cold War, which began with a field trip. After receiving a tip…

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