Disappearing Art and More

Intensives are a facilitated, in-depth investigation into a theme or a topic that takes place all day long for about five straight days. Last week, PSCS teaching staff offered a myriad of wonderful day long adventures that deviated form the regular class schedule for the term Scobie and Nic’s Intensive, Disappearing Art, took students off…

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You Can Always Be Stronger

Make Tiny Films was on one of several PSCS 2013 Fall Term block class offerings (other 2-week block courses this term: All About the Wall, Crashing Cymbals, Poetry Workshop, and Mindfulness/Neuroscience). Taught by PSCS teaching staff member Nic Warmenhoven, MTF is a two week block class designed to lead students through planning, filming, and editing short…

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PSCS students balance state budget

Three PSCS students have done something that has so far eluded legislators in Olympia: balance the state budget for the 2011-13 biennium! Students in Nic’s weekly State and Local Public Policy seminar used the League of Education Voters budget app to learn more about legislative options for closing the $4.6 billion budget gap. How did…

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PSCS Play: Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

Twelfth Night

In 2009, PSCS teacher Nic Warmenhoven was right in the middle of rehearsals for the school play, “A Night and Her Stars,” when one of the actors had to leave the cast. With just four weeks remaining before the opening curtain, Nic needed an actor. “I know a guy who’s not doing anything,” said Murren…

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Intensives Week is…Well, Intense!

Intensives Week

Intensives week, when the class schedule is put on hold while the students sign up for one course that lasts all week, always reminds me why PSCS is the greatest school in the world. * * * Nic led an intensive about the Cold War, which began with a field trip. After receiving a tip…

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