Nic Warmenhoven

PSCS Teaching Staff member, Nic Warmnehoven, started volunteering at PSCS in 2001, and joined the teaching staff in 2004. He brings a wide range of interests to the classroom, having taught classes on politics, law, geography, physics, history, math, literature, programming, drama, filmmaking, organic agriculture, Shakespeare, philosophy, cooking, gaming, service work, and much more. He’s a fierce advocate for his students, and loves to connect them with resources to further their passions.

He’s also a father, husband, web developer, video editor, cook, bridge player, and amateur farmer. He speaks Spanish, built his own chicken house, and recently summited Mount Rainier. It would probably do him well to get a little more sleep.

Born and raised in Seattle, Nic moved to Vashon Island in 2013, where he’s got a bit more room for his kids to run and his food to grow.

B.A. Political Science, Reed College