Victoria Nunes, grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and moved with her husband to Seattle almost ten years ago. They have three children, including one 7th grader who attends PSCS. They parent their kids with two characteristics at the forefront: empathy and humility. She firmly believes that without those key pieces in place, you can’t learn or grow or be an effective ally.

Victoria has worked in software training and processing, was the founding director of a preschool, a writer, an editor, a homeschool mom, and currently Admissions Associate at PSCS.

Victoria has spent her adult life learning how best to altruistically love and serve all people, with an intentional focus on marginalized groups. In her spare time she enjoys sleeping, reading, hiking deep green PacNW forests, bingeing shows with her husband, travel, long talks with her kids, crying over the Detroit Lions, and writing. She found PSCS after searching “Seattle private schools empathy” online and is thrilled to be a part of such an exceptional community of educators and students whose goal is fulfilling that search both individually and globally.

B.S. Psychology, Northland International University