Valerie Diaz Leroy—Director of Program

Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi

“It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”


PSCS is pleased to welcome our newest administrative team-member, Valerie Diaz Leroy. Val brings with her a depth of knowledge and experience, which includes education and programming, as well as music, collaboration and team building, and equity and accountability. She was drawn to PSCS because “this community is dedicated to working together to confront systemic inequities through education. The self-reflective work each community member does, is essential to helping us uncover the truths lost to many traditional models and requirements in the education system. PSCS knows this is ongoing work—and each day we put in effort we grow stronger together.”

Although Val spent the last seven years near Nashville, Tennessee, she was born and raised in and around Boston, Massachusetts. As a child she spent a lot of time in Harvard Square in Cambridge, surrounded by buskers, academics, skate boarders, and musicians. “All of these people, known and unknown to me, influenced how I view the intersectionality of our world. Summers on Walden Pond and Martha’s Vineyard allowed this Pisces time to splash around in the water and connect with nature.”

Val was influenced by her first shop class in elementary school and for many years, wanted to be a carpenter when she “grew up.” If I had a shop again I’d make toys for my daughter. I find peace when I have time to sew, knit, and make jewelry.” She loves sharing her favorite things with her daughter: reading, playing music, dancing, cooking and baking! “I can’t wait to take my daughter to her first live music show as music has been an integral part of my life.”

Val lives in a multi-generational home, with her daughter, her mom, and lots of instruments.

If she could sit down for a long meal with anyone, alive or dead, Val would love to “sit down with Little Val and share with her how much she has grown and discovered about herself over the years. I would like to hear her perspective on life at a young age and help her discover the importance of self-love.”

B.A. Music Performance, Boston College; Baking & Pastry Certification The Arts Institute of Tampa; The Thang: Affrolachian On-Time Music Gathering, Historical Truths and Reclamation; Imani Works, Conflict Transformation