Trista Bamer

“Everywhere is walking distance, if you have the time.”

Trista Bamer grew up in Washington state, wandered around Europe for a long while after college, settled in Seattle, and has been living the life of a responsible adult ever since. Her family (two very cool kids, one happy husband, one anxious little dog) live just outside Issaquah, which they chose for its access to all of the mountain fun they thrive on.

They ski most weekends, rock climb, backpack, camp, and wander in the woods. At home, Trista and her family have designed and maintain a very large organic garden, keeping them out of the grocery store produce aisle from May-October on a good year. Trista dabbles in mason beekeeping, bat houses, and building habitat for creatures in her yard. Aside from creating joy with her family, Trista loves reading (mostly non-fiction lately,) many MANY podcasts, fostering human connections, cooking veggie-centered meals, baking, trail running, volunteering, drinking coffee, and feeling frustrated at the patriarchy.

Trista is trying to unlearn and relearn so many things, and is working to take action to create a better world for all types of life. She’s also a teacher, having taught in both the middle school and elementary school level. Her passions in education are broad in scope, most recently focused on acknowledging and shifting the outdated and racist policies pervasive in literally every aspect of most schools. She loves learning about progressive assessment and grading practices, gifted education, project-based learning in science classrooms, and practices that dismantle current structures to create equity in classrooms.

“My perfect day would involve sleeping in, a long, woodsy walk with a good friend, a passionate discussion on any number of interesting topics, some cuddle and book time with my kiddos, dinner at Serafina, and a hot cup of tea with a great book before the day ends.”

B.S., Conservation Biology & Botany, University of Washington; M.Ed, Seattle University