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Tim Willis

Tim Willis

Tim Willis is finishing up his senior year at the University of Washington, with a double major in Spanish and mathematics. But whenever he has some free time, he loves playing with his camera. He says it’s about finding “a new way of looking at stuff.”

“My dad had on old film camera,” he remembers. “I liked the way things looked from that, and I started shooting film. From there, it’s just exploring, finding new things.”

Sometimes, though, it’s about old things.

“I’ve always been intrigued by old photos, by then-and-now. And I have always wondered about certain things that make photos interesting. There’s nothing artistically amazing about it, but you’re drawn to it. What about photography draws someone to an image? With those old images, there’s nothing to it. But I look at every little detail.”

Tim has been generous in sharing his talent with the PSCS community. His portrait of Andy Smallman was reprinted by Ode Magazine this summer, and he contributed a slideshow narrative to our spring fundraiser last year. Many of the photos on the PSCS web site were taken by Tim, too.

Most of his photography, however, is dedicated to just taking pictures of his friends.

“It’s probably not a career,” Tim says. “I guess it’s about documentation. I got all these photos of these past few years, and it’s a good way to remember places and remember people in ways that I otherwise wouldn’t.”