Samuel Mitchell

Samuel Mitchell (Sam), grew up in many places—from Miami to Montana—and has traveled to 49 of our 50 states. Although he can’t exactly answer the question, “Where are you from?” he says, “If I must, I guess I’m a Dakotan, since I’ve lived in both North and South Dakota, where both of my parents grew up. I currently live in the Central District, a mile and a half from PSCS (23 minute walk) with my partner, Joe, and kids, Julienne and Jaxton. I also have three kids in their 20s from a previous relationship who are walking wholeheartedly into their own lives around the PNW, as well as family of origin around the US.”

Sam would almost always rather be outside hiking, digging in the dirt, planting things, feeling the sun and wind (and rain) on his face. This last spring he quit tallying his hiking mileage after 150 miles, realizing he was only confirming to himself that he hikes more than most people he knows. If Sam’s not outside, he’s likely to be found in a chair reading, or in the kitchen cooking with whatever is in the fridge or garden.

“Working with the staff, students, and families in the PSCS community continues to challenge, humble, and inspire me. It’s a gift to spend a chunk of one’s life surrounded by people who encourage each of us to risk failure in order to discover ourselves, our paths, and our ultimate successes.”

B.A. Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington