Malcolm Hooper

Malcolm Hooper first got involved at PSCS when he was looking for the right high school for his brother-in-law. He started out by helping out with a few fundraising campaigns, and now, after nine years and two terms on the Board of Trustees, Malcolm is proud to call himself a PSCS donor.

“What I truly find fascinating about the PSCS culture is not only the all-important nurturing of students to pursue their passion, but it’s how this comes full circle—staff, volunteers, and parents who have directed their own passion to teach PSCS students, donate to the school, and help advance the school’s mission.  This serves as the ultimate example to students about the importance of pursuing their passion.”

Malcolm earned an undergraduate degree from Carleton College, and completed a master’s degree in Education at the University of Minnesota. He now works as operations manager at a startup called OneMedNet, a company that has built a secure network for exchanging medical imaging studies between medical facilities.