Greg DiGiacamo

PSCS Board member, Greg Digiacamo, is an educational/school psychologist for the Seattle Public Schools, with a strong background in teaching and learning, research, mental health, and human development. He attended the Educational Psychology Program at the City University of New York to continue learning about the benefits of methods incorporating this approach. Many years of coursework, teaching and fieldwork only served to strengthen his commitment to empower students to play an active role in their education. His experiences and research have convinced him that schools providing students with autonomy and a rich, supportive social network have great potential to produce well-adjusted, passionate, critical-thinking citizens.

Greg believes working with the PSCS board, will be a valuable experience for his “converging interests in freedom-based educational methods that respect student/teacher autonomy and in building resilient, compassionate communities.” Greg also sits on the PSCS Finance and ED Commitees. In addition, he also serves on the Board and Finance Committee of the Apex Belltown Cooperative, which is a cooperatively managed residential community.