Meow meow meow, meow meow…

Perhaps I shall translate for PSCS Teaching Staff member, Chrissy Wakeling. Chrissy lives in West Seattle with her two cats, lovely garden, and DVD collection. Like her cats, Chrissy is a skilled digger. Whether it is growing veggies and flowers for her co-workers to enjoy or digging up woolly mammoths, she likes getting her hands dirty.

While Chrissy has a deep love for the PNW (home), she learns best through experiences and tries to travel as much as possible. Some of her favorite places (so far): India (for the people), Iceland (for the geology), Australia (for the birds), Tibet (for the culture), Canada (for the family).

Chrissy tries to keep her classes as active and spicy as possible. Some of her favorite types of classes include: cooking/baking, cafe talks, walk and talk, Sociology, and country specific classes. Laughter, family and friends, tasty food, playing in the dirt, watching movies/tv, traveling, sports, and animals are just some of the things that make Chrissy most happy.

2017-18 marks Chrissy’s tenth year of working in schools and 4th year at PSCS. She loves working with students on challenging topics and witnessing their growth.

B.S. Sociology and Anthropology/Women’s Studies and Geology, Principia College