Amy Stern—teaching staff

“The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, an almost fanatical love of justice and the desire for personal independence — these are the features of the Jewish tradition which make me thank my stars that I belong to it.”

― Albert Einstein

Amy Stern (she/her) spent 18+ years in the world of public education where she worked with a diverse range of learners. At PSCS, Amy is energized and motivated by the idea of helping to make education what it can be, and not what it has traditionally been. She sees the opportunity to provide learning experiences that center students’ needs, knowledge, and uniqueness, while simultaneously helping them grow to be agents of positive social change.

As a white, queer, Jewish (culturally, not religiously) woman, Amy has done work to recognize the many areas where she has privilege. These experiences have led her to prioritize lifting the voices of those who are marginalized and listening more than talking. Amy is also not afraid to speak up when she sees injustices around her. She feels fortunate to get to work in a space with people who share similar values.

Amy is a passionate Sexuality Education teacher. She believes in the importance of supporting youth in understanding their bodies, boundaries, and desires so that they can make informed and antonymous decisions throughout their lives. By weaving emotional learning throughout learning experiences, Amy helps youth listen to their individual voices, and better hear the voices of others. Ultimately, Amy wants all people to feel acceptance and love toward themselves, and to eliminate the shame that often walks hand-in-hand with many aspects of sexuality.

When not pondering all things Sex Ed, Amy enjoys riding her motorcycle on long road trips with her partner, playing games with her partner’s three kids, reading non-fiction, gardening, and creating all types of fiber art. She lives in Seattle with her dogs and can’t pass up listening to a good true-crime podcast. And dancing in the kitchen…she loves that too.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Cornish College of the Arts
Master in Teaching – University of Washington
National Board Certified Teacher
Sexuality Education Certificate – Antioch University

Endorsements: Special Education K-12, Literacy, PE/Health