Amy Hollinger has traveled the world training teachers and school administrators in effective strategies for educating and leading in schools. She has 15 years of experience in administrative work and was a teacher for eight years prior. Amy has had two significantly influential experiences in her career. One was at the University of Florida’s Lab School, P.K. Yonge where she served as a teacher, Assistant Principal, and Head Girls’ Cross Country & Track Coach. It was in this position she learned and implemented a reflective inquiry approach to education, was awarded permanent status at the University of Florida’s College of Teaching and Learning, and had many achievements coaching track (including numerous state titles and the award for Florida State Coach of the Year).

Her second notable experience, was as the first Director of Professional Learning for Global Online Academy. In this role, she worked collaboratively with an incredible team of educators to build a professional learning program for GOA, and established meaningful relationships with educators around the world.

Amy’s background continues to be heavily influenced by her passion for supporting adult learners, with specific emphasis on educational coaching. Amy’s work has most recently been influenced by Elena Aguilar’s coaching framework and with Aguilar’s Art of Coaching for Equity.

Amy discovered her love for education in college. What she fell in love with was the relationship side of schools. Early in her career, she recognized that her work with many diverse teams, significantly raised her own level of social and personal awareness. Amy also recognized the joy of working with teenagers, as it is such a unique time of development for students.

Besides the relational side of schools, Amy finds herself drawn to the complexity of education. Whether it is examining her own background as a white woman, and how that influences her work with culturally- and neuro-diverse learners, or studying the complexities of how the brain develops during adolescence, Amy has found deep satisfaction in her career.

In her current role as Head of Puget Sound Community School, she gets to use her training to support our teachers in ways that allow them to do the complex work of teaching. She does so using a humanistic approach, offering our teachers a lot of love, providing them with quality professional learning that is job-embedded, relevant, and ongoing throughout the year, continuing to help them become the best version of teacher they can be.

When Amy is not at school she enjoys spending time with her family, three teenagers and her husband, a teacher as well. She also loves cooking delicious vegan food, running with her dog, reading, and taking advantage of the outdoor offerings in the Pacific Northwest.


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